Bryant W. Resume



The design of a product is key for people to want to use it after they buy it. Yet it’s the job of the packaging to make the person want to purchase a product to begin with. I specialize in creating unique thought provoking package design in which the final product’s packaging comes to have a sense of worth just as the item being sold. I specialize in all kinds of Packaging needs from album design, make up packaging, and everything else in between. I will work closely in relation with you and your end goals to create the look and feel that you desire.

Apparel Development

Developing expressive creative designs while working closely with you on developing detailed concepts and illustrations on all types of products. I have experience with working with both large and small apparel companies on creating and art directing a number of products. With my background I am able to help you achieve your end goals and produce exciting well executed products for the market place.


My illustrative technique has a traditional hand drawn fluid aesthetic to it that in my mind achieves an existence of universal and timeless criteria of artistic value. Each Illustrative design is created to express emotional iconic traits found in not only design but also life. My inspiration pulls deep down from the depths of macabre and is hand rendered across paper only to be adjusted and placed together within the computer.

Other Services & Development

I am always ready willing and interested in developing my skill set into a stronger realm. So please don’t hesitate to present all of your artistic graphic needs. The development and creation of projects in the design world is not always easily labeled into specific categories but nor is Bryant W. I am always eager and willing to develop your needs in whatever shape or form they maybe.


Paintings, Poster Design, Album Design, Magazine Layouts, Book Design, Fashion Development, Art Direction, & Packaging.