Vans Logo, Catalog, & Warped Tour Concept Design

The Vans brand has been around since the 1960’s and is need of a new perspective in the approach to its logo and identity. To create a fresh look, which also can connect clearly back to its roots, the Vans Crown logo was formed. This new enticing logo design was created to connect with the Vans Triple Crown sporting events that they sponsor. This company is intertwined with the youth sporting culture and this logo expresses that they are kings when it comes to being the shoe of choice for these events.

Vans shoes has maintained a huge impact on the high flying world of skateboarding. This wild passion for reaching new heights and skill sets for skateboarders explains the theme of Learn to Fly, used for the 2010 catalog. Each shoe in the catalog is expressed with its own accompanying photographic image of a skateboarder pushing the limits to the edge of gravity defying expressions of skill.

The illustrations of the cloud, wings, rain, and lightning only add to the dramatic angelic movements of the images. The shoe designs are the key elements neatly found intertwined and we see a balance from images to product name. Throughout these spreads the goal was to give the viewer a sense of other-worldliness radiating from the visuals, expressing the theme of Learning to Fly. This theme better connects the product of vans shoes with other events each year such as the Vans Warped Tour.

The Warped Tour is a yearly tour of hundreds of musical acts, and illustrators provide fresh graphics for the events. By making a clear thematic connection from the Vans shoe catalog to the Warped Tour they are more likely to connect each consumer to both events. A number of elements were developed including two styles of magazine advertisements, and the backstage pass for the tour.

Illustrations, Layout, Concept, and Logo Design By Bryant Wieczorek