LA Police Gear Christmas Sweaters

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'Dive Bomber'from the Front

Oh Deer from the Front and American Flag Ugly Christmas Sweaters

These Ugly Sweater Concepts have been created with LA Police Gears’ key demographic in mind with graphics illustration a love for humor, hunting, and a patriotic spirit.

Gingerbread Men Ugly Christmas Sweater designed by Bryant w

Green Disguise ugly Christmas sweater

The concepts and designs were created by LA Police Gears Creative Director Bryant W as a fun thing for hunters, military, & Police to wear out to Christmas Sweater parties around town.

The Goal was to entertain the consumers with outlandish Christmas sweater concepts. You can find all these sweaters up for sale at LA Police Gear site.

Snowman Christmas Sweater Design for LA Police Gear

Ugly Military Christmas Sweater - The Dive Bomber

Update: The sweaters were seen on shows like CONAN and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as well as nerd shopping sites like in the fall of 2012

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