Strhess Clothing Back to School Mailer

The mailer was created using a number of scanned elements of paper and tape which arch back to the look and feel of being a young kid heading back to school after summer. We added little elements like school sucks written onto the paper while also being clear to highlight with hierarchy the T-shirts Strhess clothing has for sell.

  • Back to School Strhess Mailer Front Logo
  • Strhess Mailer detail Mens
  • Strhess Mailer Womens side
  • Strhess Mailer detail Womens
  • Strhess Mailer Folded

This promotional mailer concept piece was created for Strhess clothing. The illustration and design talents of Derek Hess are outstanding and what I brought to this design was an idea for a back to school mailing campaign. Using the look and feel of Derek Hess’s messy sketch like illustrations I developed a concept of kids sketching on their school papers.

The goal of this mailer is to connect with a youthful demographic while expressing that if you have to go back to school you have to do it in style while wearing a Strhess T-shirt. Illustrations T-shirt designs Created by Derek Hess.
Mailer Concept and Design Created by Bryant W