Digitally Manipulated Photography
of New York City

This project was created to express the feelings of being alien within a new environment and culture. The inspiration for the images came while Bryant was vacationing in Europe back in 2010.

So Far, New York City and Parts of Europe have been illustrated within this new unique style of photo-manipulation and it is Bryant’s dream to create these kinds of images for a large number of cities across the globe.

Each image is an exquisite example of how the scope of painting, illustration, design, and photography have been blurred in art with the help of the computer.

Created by the Graphic Artist Bryant W

Photo Manipulated Prints:

A View of the Block © 2012
A View of the Block:
13″ x 17″
Only… $19.97
184 © 2012
184: 13″ x 17″
Only… $19.97
The Long Light © 2012
The Long Light:
13″ x 17″
Only… $19.97