Move Up Not Out

This project began as an exercise in expanding my skill set within Adobe Illustrator and focusing on my ability to use the pen tool. I wanted to take an object like a boombox, that was old and outdated and breathe new life into it.

After considering items such as lamps, light bulbs, and sneakers, it came to me like a flash of lightning that I had to express a new graphic life for the boom box. I loved the idea of taking a fun and beloved technology from the past and expressing it’s personality on a new platform and in a new context. I built each boom box from photos that I found of the old dusty beloved music players. Using the Pen tool I created the expressive front panel faces of each player, building layer upon layer up until the look felt just right.

While working, I realized there was a potential for a connection to the community at large as I updated and revitalized these old beat up devices. I asked myself, “Why couldn’t a boom box become the face of a Urban Renewal project?” It was at that moment that the concept of the Los Angeles Urban Renewal Project was born. I created a plan for the organization to use multimedia technology to connect with the community at large. The iPhone Application allows people to electronically sign up for local area renewal opportunities.

In addition to the open electronic network the project needed to open it’s doors to the community and to the youth of the area. The idea for local concerts developed with proceeds to benefit the organization. An early tag line idea was “Find Your Roots in L.A.” although this connected well with the area it did not resonate with the boom box icons, and later decided on the phrase “Move Up Not Out!” for the project. The simple update of a long dead stereo system became the fresh face for an Urban Renewal Project.

Inspiration and ideas can impact the lives of so many if you just find a way to dust off your surroundings and lend a helping hand.