This Live Action Zombie Comic was created for
LA Police Gear

The concept and storyline was created by Bryant W as an email blast sent out to all of LA Police Gears email recipients on Halloween 2011. The Concept was to create an interesting way to display products within an email blast that also connected into a storyline that could be continued in future Email Blasts.

The project was pretty much an email blast viral marketing campaign. The Goal was to entertain the consumers while also getting them to click on any of the products on the screen and be lead onto the LA Police Gear site where they could in return buy the products.

The Email Blast was coded so that all products and weapons shown being used by the Hero could be clicked on and you were then linked to its corresponding product page where you could buy them.

'Live Action Comic Zombie Email Blast'

'Live Action Comic Zombie Email Blast'

The final design was viewed by well over 55,000 thousand people and the response was virtually overwhelmingly positive so much so that the company is looking to create another one by the end of the year.

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