Bryant W’s 2010 Expressive Paintings

I create abstract destruction by using a large number of mix media materials and attacking the canvas with them. This expression of full emotion and use of graffiti pens, spray paint, chemicals, acrylic paint, and gold leaf helps me to destruct and create in-depth layered works of art.

The thought of deconstructing something that is beautiful and allowing it to fall apart, bleed off the edge, then become something new again, comforts me. When deciding to begin the process of creation any artist should be able to comprehend that the work will never last forever. Any piece of art no mater if its clay, stone, metal, or canvas will only last for a finite period of time. Therefore, why not make disintegration part of ones design aesthetic? In my work I try to provide happenstance and disintegration with a healthy home.

When working on these large-scale 30 x 48 inch paintings I try to progress my abilities by constantly exploring new techniques and materials. To achieve my artistic expressive goals on these paintings, it is best to rush the process as fast as possible. Most of the images within the next few pages were completed in a number of hours or in a few brief instances over several days. The best way to explain my work would be an emotional explosion of deconstructive colors. My art has a sense of feelings inside and is expressed onto the face of the work. Without an emotional connection, the paintings would fall flat and not connect with the audience.

Providing a visual emotional experience gives those with a true taste for the abstract world a chance to identify with, and to lose themselves within. This is how I know when the painting is successful in achieving my goals.

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