C1RCA ‘Four Star Distribution’

These designs were created while I was interning with C1RCA under the great direction of Randy Ronquillo. During my time at C1RCA Randy took me under his wing to show me a wide range of design esthetics being utilized within the many different brands of the company. Randy had me working on many POP product requests from a number of companies C1RCA products were sold at.

I created versions of designs for stickers, posters, light boxes, and banners based off the specs sent into the design department. The images below are a few of the many designs I worked on while at C1RCA but its a nice range from packaging design, hang tags, all the way to poster design.

Some of the projects just required resizing of already existing designs while others are attributed directly to myself as I worked hand and hand with other at the office. C1RCA has a strong team feel to the way the design work is created and split apart therefore I also spent many hours with Troy Doney.

Troy was responsible for the enormous task of shooting the product shots of each different shoes, clothing products, and models that came through the office. Some days I would spend hours with him ironing out the shirts along with sorting box after box of new shoes to be shot off his product list.

We also went out and took model photographs on location around the city for the 2012 Summer catalog. My experience with C1CRA was an amazing one and I have to thank Randy, Troy, and all the other guys in the design team for making it such.

Designs Created At C1RCA In Connection With Graphics Team and Myself (www.C1CRA.com)