Bleeding Ink Clothing & Skate Decks

Awesome Bleeding Ink Clothing- Skateboard designs by Bryant w including The Leach Skull, the Crow, Stake in the Heart and brain neck spine

Bleeding Ink Clothing - Skull Flower T-shirt Design by Bryant W

Breathing life into stagnant computer-based design is a key goal for Bleeding Ink and reflects my design aesthetic as a whole. The designs work with a mixture of hand rendered illustrations used on top of the ever-destructed backsides of skateboards. Art is not meant to last forever, and therefore what better could represent the destruction and reconstruction of art than a skateboard deck.

Graphically, the designs for Bleeding Ink are used to express the emotion in the dark black lines reminiscent of Japanese woodblocks and vibrant colors giving each image a life of its own. Many of the works for the t-shirt designs use those colors as a splash background to frame and highlight the stark black line work.

Within all of my work I carry the idea of the Bleeding Ink Manifesto, using art to express human emotion and hand like qualities in an age of ever exploding computer technology. The future for graphic design is uncertain, but we can chose to effect its direction with our personal styles.

3 Kinds of bleeding ink Pins

The Bleeding Ink Manifesto

“We stand for the lifestyle of the vagabond, the souls of the new world adrift in the sea of technology. A lifestyle that includes breaking down concepts of art and literature into a new breed of design and style. We create with the intention of expressing the individuality found deep within us all. Bleeding Ink is a movement from the normalcy of the everyday world and the things that hold us down. Our designs will speak to the artist inside the oldest to the young. We are jagged as razorblades and strong as steel; spiritual vagabonds, the new rebel’s without a cause! Out looking to destruct, overwhelm, and rebuild classic art and design into the all-encompassing future of technology. We stand to bring feelings physical emotion into all aspects of our artistic endeavors.”

Rose shirt Illustration for Bleeding Ink