The Dead Cowboys Packaging Design

The objective of this packaging was to create a product that has the ability to revitalize the physical CD market place. In our time of illegal music downloads, one strategy to increase purchases would be to give the consumer a feeling of being a part of something special, establishing a connection.

In the 1970’s people went out to buy albums from artists like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin and spent the next hour listening to those large records on their turntable while being engulfed in the album artwork. It is time to bring quality back to the production of music packaging.

The starting Point for how to fold out the die cut album design created by bryant w

The center fold out area of the album artwork and illustration design by bryant w

This album design was created to show how we could use an all-recycled paper solution, which is better for the environment than a plastic case, and to express the emotions and theme of the music allowing the user to feel as if they have a physical product that was worth their hard-earned money. You can personalize this design by adding each band members face to the slipcase cover and making it a special edition.

Portfolio album design by bryant w

The packaging can be created using two 13×24 inch pieces of recycled paper, eliminating the use of the plastic case, as well as reducing the weight of the product, making it cheaper to ship. One of the 13×24 pages is used to create the external framework of the CD case that folds up.

The second page is used to create the internal booklet, which combined with the case, can be folded out and into each other to create a full colored wall poster.The design utilizes a large number of folds and die cuts to create the shape of the illustrated skull that comes open to reveal a full internal body structure.

The illustrations are all hand rendered and compiled together within a number of programs, creating a feeling of something fresh and new within the current field of CD packaging.

Full Product Shot of The Dead Cowboys Packaging

Music labels could begin to use interesting packaging along with adding more DVD content within their products to enhance the physical, tangible value of their products. In return this would only increase sales and revitalize the industry.